97 Year Old Twin Sister’s Touching Tribute


Together at birth and at death, twin sisters, Martha William and Jean Haley, die tragically on the same day from a fall and exposure.  Sharing a special bond, the sisters stayed close to each other throughout their lives, not letting more that a day pass without seeing each other. On what turned out to be their last day together, they shared it by doing one of their favorite activities – eating a favorite restaurant.   Read the touching tribute paid to the sisters by their family.

Together for 97 years, twin sisters meet tragic end

By Mark Arsenault and Andy Rosen | Boston Globe

They were born in November 1919, on the kitchen table at home in Rhode Island, to a mother who didn’t know she was having twins.

For the next 97 years, those baby girls were inseparable — through marriages, the bearing of their own children, and then into widowhood.

On Friday, what would be their last day together, Jean Haley and Martha Williams dined at The Lobster Pot in Bristol, police said, with their little sister, who is 89. Then they headed to Haley’s house in Barrington.

No one saw what happened when they arrived. What is known is that the twins were found the next morning — one lying in the driveway, the other on the nearby garage floor — having spent the night outside, unnoticed in the bitter cold. Both appeared to have suffered falls. [Read entire article]

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