I have just come to another milestone in my life. My oldest son (9) decided that he will not longer be calling me "daddy", but that I am forever more to be referred to as "dad." As third graders are wont to do my son was teased by a classmate for calling his parents mommy and daddy. To conform to the bully’s wishes my son just made me middle aged. I’m Massachusetts most recent middle aged lawyer father. I was a twenty something and have been enjoying my thirty somethings when this came out of the blue.

In my elder law practice I am asked by prospective clients about what is and what is not elder law. Some fifty somethings as whether they can ‘qualify’ to use my services for a trust or a will, while some octogenarians don’t feel older enough to seek services meant for the elderly, after all "they’re old people." What it all comes down to is that age is a state of mind. I tell my elder law clients that how old you think you are is so much more important than how old you are according to your birth certificate.