Are you downsizing to a smaller residence or moving to an assisted living community? Have you accumulated a lot of “stuff” that your grown children don’t want or need? Read this article from the Boston Globe concerning changing trends.

Baby boomers are downsizing — and the kids won’t take the family heirlooms

 By Beth Teitell | Boston Globe

For 30 years, Pat Fryzel stored her children’s memorabilia, and her grandmother’s, too. But when she and her husband downsized, from a large Winchester home to a two-bedroom Boston town house, there was no room for the American Girl dolls or Nana’s cake plates. So Fryzel asked her grown kids to collect what they wanted.

She was not met with much enthusiasm. “They said, ‘Take a picture and text it to us,’ ” recalled Fryzel, 64, a retired nurse practitioner.

For generations, adult children have agreed to take their aging parents’ possessions — whether they wanted them or not. But now, the anti-clutter movement has met the anti-brown-furniture movement, and the combination is sending dining room sets, sterling silver flatware, and knick-knacks straight to thrift stores or the curb. [ read entire article]