The Freedom of Planning for Your Own Death


Read this interview with Amy Pickard, founder of “Good to Go!” who has developed an instruction manual for “death duties” associated with someone’s passing like funeral planning and other end of life issues:

When Amy Pickard’s mom died in 2012, Pickard found herself totally inundated with details to handle—in addition to a funeral that needed planning, there were endless logistics associated with settling her mom’s affairs. Who had keys to her house? Passwords for her cable and utilities accounts? Who was entitled to all her personal items, like photos and journals—and whose job was it to sort through them? Pickard—like almost everyone will at some point in their lives—was consumed by dealing with the very last things she wanted to think about as she was trying to mourn.

In an effort to improve the system (or lack thereof) that failed her so miserably, Pickard founded a company, Good to Go!, aimed at preparing people— from patients in hospice to healthy twenty-somethings—for their own passing. In the process (and in many ways thanks to her lighthearted, unapologetic-rock-groupie personality), she’s hoping to help spur an already-growing movement to rethink our approach to end-of-life issues, both logistically and spiritually. Below, she shares some of the biggest lessons she’s learned about death: [Read the interview]


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