Power losses resulting from Hurricane Maria led to numerous nursing home facilities in Florida not having air conditioning. After days with no power or air conditioning, the indoor temperature at these facilities had risen dramatically leading to respiratory distress or death of some residents. Florida made an emergency rule requiring all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have generators and enough fuel to keep facilities at safe temperatures.  For the complete NYT article, follow our link.

911 Calls From Nursing Home Where Residents Died

By Sheri Fink | New York Times

It was 3 a.m. when a nurse at a Hollywood, Fla., nursing home called 911 one day last month.

“There’s a patient who’s in cardiac arrest,” she told the operator. “Code Blue. Respiratory failure.”

It was Sept. 13, four days after Hurricane Irma ravaged the state, knocking out electrical lines. The nursing home’s air conditioning systems had no power, and the heat inside had risen dramatically.

“I saw her slouch over,” the nurse said of Betty Hibbard, 84, who had been seated in the hallway on the second floor. “I realize that she’s not breathing, so I check her.”

The nurse told the 911 operator that the areas around Ms. Hibbard’s mouth and fingers were turning blue. “We’re doing CPR on her now,” she said. [read entire article]