Senior groups struggle to attract ‘forever young’ baby boomers


Senior centers and organizations part of the village movement are launching campaigns to attract boomers who avoid activities and labels suggesting they’re getting old. Senior centers are rebranding as community life centers while village organizations are turning to social media to attract new members so that their groups are sustainable. For the complete article, follow our link to the Boston Globe. .

Death Doulas Are a Thing—Here’s What You Need to Know

By Robert Weisman | Boston Globe

When she’s not teaching Cambridge middle-schoolers, Marilyn Rottersman, 63, works up a sweat at her gym and ushers at a local theater. Would she join a senior organization?

“Why should I?” she asks. “I do boxing, with gloves and [punching] bags. When I think about senior groups, I think they’re for old people. That’s not an option.”

Jack Murray, 70, balked when friends invited him to visit the Franklin senior center some years back. “I have no interest,” he said. Murray, who works part time as an insurance broker, prefers downhill skiing in the White Mountains.

Campaigns to attract younger members to “senior centers” and organizations aimed at older adults are often uphill slogs, meeting stubborn resistance from boomers who avoid activities and labels that might suggest they’re getting old. Few turn away senior bus or movie discounts. But many would prefer to bike, play electric guitar, or go on an African safari than join any group with the word “senior” in its name. Read More

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