Daughter came to our office because mom was residing out of state and with Alzheimer’s Disease and struggling to remain in the community.  There was no one to care for her, manager her affairs, and she was failing.  We instructed the daughter to transplant her mom from out of state to Massachusetts and found a nursing home for the mom to reside in.  We then were able to spend down her assets to pay off debts, purchase an irrevocable burial contract, and pay for the initial month in the nursing home.  As the mom had real estate out of state, her real estate was a countable resource for MassHealth.  First, we were able to get the mom eligible for MassHealth to pay for the cost of long term care.  We then had the daughter list and sell the out of state property.  We notified MassHealth of the sale and quickly put the proceeds into a pooled trust so mom would remain eligible for MassHealth.  The firm was able to get the mom long term care with MassHealth and to do so in a nursing home near the daughter so she could be close to her mom for the remainder of her life.