Is it legal to place a camera in a nursing home room?

Technological advances have made it easier to stay connected with family. That includes the ability to install cameras in a loved one’s nursing home room, but these so-called “granny cams” have legal and privacy implications. The benefit of the surveillance camera is the ability to monitor your family member’s care. Being able to observe care from afar can give family members peace of mind that their loved one is being well taken care of, and can also serve as evidence if abuse is found. Even if there is no abuse, cameras can be helpful in learning if caregivers are using Continue Reading

Songs for the dying: Bedside choir comforts those nearing the end

Threshold Singers at Indian Hill Music is an unusual choral group based out of Littleton; since its inception twelve years ago, they have sang at the bedside of hundreds of dying people. The group was inspired to form by the experience of Kate Munger’s experience when she cared for a friend dying of aids in 1990. there are currently over 200 chapters of Threshold singers. Singers participate as a way of giving back – to sing well and provide comfort to families. for the complete article, follow our link to the Boston GLOBE. Songs for the dying: Bedside choir comforts Continue Reading

Medford musician fights eviction from home of 70 years

Joe Lentino, retired trombonist, took a reverse mortgage in 2007 to settle some debts. When he began unemployed, he missed some tax payments on his house. Many seniors in Massachusetts face difficulty in paying their property taxes due to rising home values and fixed incomes; many Massachusetts communities offer tax relief through tax deferral programs in which lets homeowners over age 65 postpone paying taxes until after their houses are sold. The mortgage company refuses to sign-off on Lentino’s tax-deferral request which has left Mr. Lentino in limbo. He is currently waiting to move to Medford’s senior housing. The fate Continue Reading

Startups focusing on aging have a home in new Kendall Square incubator

Agency, a new business incubator located in Kendall Square, is attracting an intergenerational mix of entrepreneurs who are working on projects that make aging less disruptive and more fulfilling for older adults. Agency wants to accelerate the velocity of progress with the aim of commercializing products and services to help the world’s aging populations and their families and care partners. For more information, follow our link to the Boston Globe. The name of Boston’s Commission on Affairs of the Elderly has been officially changed to the Age Strong Commission. By Robert Weisman | Boston Globe. CAMBRIDGE — Business incubators tend Continue Reading

Who are you calling senior? For older folks, some terms are fast becoming radioactive

As boomers age, many object to being labeled as “senior citizen” or “elderly” which convey the negative aspects of growing old. The AMA (American Medical Association) is following the lead of the American Geriatrics Society; both have adopted “older adults.” Others have shortened older adult to simply “olders” or “perennials” a sly nod to millennials. For the complete article, follow our link to the Boston Globe. The name of Boston’s Commission on Affairs of the Elderly has been officially changed to the Age Strong Commission. By Robert Weisman | Boston Globe. Jill Tapper knew she’d made a mistake at the Continue Reading

Older people don’t get enough help, study says

John Hopkins University released results from their recent study which focused on how older adults respond to changes in physical function. One third of older adults who live in the community, nearly 13 million seniors, have a substantial need for assistance with daily activities such as bathing, eating, getting dressed, using the toilet, transferring in and out of bed or moving around their homes. In addition to using assistive devices like canes, raised toilets and shower seats, the study showed increasing need for paid/unpaid help in the older population. Sixty percent of seniors surveyed used at least one device; this Continue Reading

Falls Can Kill You. Here’s How to Minimize the Risk.

We’ve all seen the commercial of the woman lying on the kitchen floor crying out “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” but fall are no laughing matter. In adults 65 years of age and older, Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries. One fall in five among older adults results in a serious injury; older people are less able to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of a fall. Minimize your chances of a dangerous fall by having regular exercise, eye and hearing exams and review medications for their ability to cause dizziness or drowsiness. Continue Reading

Daily Movement — Even Household Chores — May Boost Brain Health In Elderly

A recent study published in the online issue of Neurology found that physical activity such as walking and light housework like cooking leads to better thinking and memory in adults 70 and older. Study participants took thinking and memory tests every year for 20 years and their brain tissue was examined post-mortem. The study findings suggest that physical activity may be protective even amidst developing Alzheimer’s disease. Physical activity masks symptoms suggesting individuals can have some control over their brain health. For the complete NPR story, follow our link: Read More. Daily Movement — Even Household Chores — May Boost Continue Reading

How Do You Convince A Loved With Dementia One To Give Up Their Guns?

In addition asking a person to give up driving, families are also faced with how to handle gun ownership when a relative develops dementia. Health Care professionals are urging families to discuss gun ownership and draw up firearms agreements which would act like an advance directive for what to do with the guns as a person’s disease progresses. Also suggested is appropriate language to use – instead of we are taking away your guns use the word “retire” as in you’re going to retire from the use of your guns.” For the complete story, follow our link to to Continue Reading

Manitoba couple forced to live apart after 71 years, care home won’t take them both

With longer lifespans comes longer marriages. What happens when couples who have been married for 50 years or longer need different levels of care in their old age? Follow our link to USA Today to read the complete article. For the complete article, follow our link to CBC News. ‘Life is not the same’: Manitoba couple forced to live apart after 71 years, care home won’t take them both By Erin Brohman | CBC News Two Manitoba couples who have been married for decades are calling on government to help keep them together despite health needs forcing them apart. After Continue Reading