Lethal Plans: When Seniors Turn To Suicide In Long-Term Care

Suicide rates in the United States are climbing but an often overlooked segment of suicides are those committed by older adults in long-term care settings. A six-month long investigation by Kaiser Health News and PBS Newshour found that older Americans are quietly killing themselves in nursing homes, assisted living centers and adult care homes. Prevention, through screenings at intake and education of staff of suicide warning signs, would help lower suicides in their facilities. For the complete article, follow our link to Kaiser Health News. A six-month investigation by KHN and PBS NewsHour finds that older Americans are quietly killing Continue Reading

Older people don’t get enough help, study says

John Hopkins University released results from their recent study which focused on how older adults respond to changes in physical function. One third of older adults who live in the community, nearly 13 million seniors, have a substantial need for assistance with daily activities such as bathing, eating, getting dressed, using the toilet, transferring in and out of bed or moving around their homes. In addition to using assistive devices like canes, raised toilets and shower seats, the study showed increasing need for paid/unpaid help in the older population. Sixty percent of seniors surveyed used at least one device; this Continue Reading

Protect Your Parent From Delirium

Help a hospitalized loved one avoid delirium by following the HELP (Hospital Elder Life Program) suggestions. Delirium is an acute and fluctuating disorder of attention and cognition which appears can manifest itself differently in different people.  Factors that contribute to delirium in elderly patients are dehydration, immobility, sleep deprivation, hearing impairment or vision impairment and cognitive impairment. The HELP program is offered in over 200 hospitals in the United States but families can help their hospitalized relation by following the HELP guidelines.  For more information, follow our link to the article. How You Can Protect Your Parent From Delirium By Continue Reading