Opioid Elder Abuse in Massachusetts

Exploiting parents or grandparents for their Social Security and pension checks, stealing cash and jewelry, emotional and physical abuse—these are all symptoms of the rising epidemic of opioid abuse. As more adult children are becoming addicted to opioids and winding up back home, elder abuse is rising. According to the Boston Globe article below, the number of elder abuse cases caused by adult children addicted to opioids has risen 37% since 2011. At almost 25,000 cases in the past year in Massachusetts alone, elder abuse is becoming a costly epidemic to the elder populace as many live in fear of Continue Reading

Tips to spot and prevent financial elder abuse

Few of us want to admit it, but nearly everyone who lives to see old age will reach a point where they are unable to manage their affairs. In some cases, the issue is short-term and related to a temporary illness or hospitalization. In other instances, the problem is a permanent consequence of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. When this happens, most people end up having their affairs managed by a friend or relative. Unfortunately, financial misdeeds are one of the most common forms of elder abuse. Too often, the person entrusted to manage the elder’s finances ends Continue Reading