Simple Spousal Case

Elderly client’s wife was in hospital due to failure to thrive and was being discharged to rehabilitation.  Concerned that his limited finances would be depleted when he would have to private pay for his wife’s care in a nursing home, he sought our firm’s assistance.  By working diligently with him to structure his assets, we were able to get him and his wife eligible for MassHealth within three weeks.  Our client was able to retain the maximum amount allowed for a community spouse, while also converting an insurance policy and an annuity to a Medicaid compliant annuity to generate a Continue Reading

When it comes to banking, words prevail over numbers

When writing a check, what does the bank pay out of your account – the words you write out or the numbers in the box? Madeleine Maldonado, age 81, found out the hard way when she wrote out “three thousand three hundred and 99/100” but entered “$3399.91” in the amount box on her check to pay for her annual long-term care insurance premium. The invoice was for $3399.91 but her bank paid the amount written so her payment was short $98.92. Her insurance company cancelled her policy for nonpayment 3 months later after not hearing from her or family members Continue Reading

Young Stroke Client

Our client was in her early 60’s and suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving her paralyzed on one side and residing in a nursing home.  Client was employed and thriving at the time of her stroke.  When it became apparent that recovery was going to be long with the possibility that she would be debilitated for the remainder of her life, we arranged for her to be moved to an assisted living facility that would provide a high level of care.  This was crucial for her mental health because the population in the nursing home was a much older, creating a Continue Reading

Out of state and with Alzheimer’s Disease

Daughter came to our office because mom was residing out of state and with Alzheimer’s Disease and struggling to remain in the community.  There was no one to care for her, manager her affairs, and she was failing.  We instructed the daughter to transplant her mom from out of state to Massachusetts and found a nursing home for the mom to reside in.  We then were able to spend down her assets to pay off debts, purchase an irrevocable burial contract, and pay for the initial month in the nursing home.  As the mom had real estate out of state, Continue Reading

Complex MassHealth Application

A mother created an irrevocable trust with the purpose of 5-year lookback/MassHealth planning.  Unfortunately, her health took a turn a year after the trust was created and she went into a nursing home.  By the time the son came to us for a MassHealth long-term care application, she had been private paying the nursing home for 2 years, and her assets, which included an inheritance from a recently deceased sibling, were quickly dwindling.  We quickly, but carefully, crafted a spenddown plan whereby the son and the other beneficiaries would unwind the irrevocable trust and create a single premium immediate annuity Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About MassHealth

What is MassHealth? The federal Medicare program provides elders with financial assistance to subsidize the costs of medical bills and prescription drugs. However, Medicare does not cover placement in a nursing home. On the other hand, Medicaid, called MassHealth in the commonwealth, is a joint program with the federal government that pays for nursing home placement for qualifying individuals. Why does it exist? MassHealth gives health care coverage to more than a million people in the commonwealth, including seniors. The plan subsidizes all or part of health care premiums and pays for benefits, such as doctor visits, therapy, hospital stays, Continue Reading