Boomers More Likely To Carry Mortgage Debt Into Retirement

Massachusetts elder law attorney John Gosselin was heavily quoted in a Banker & Tradesman article discussing Boomers likelihood to carry more mortgage debt into retirement. A Mortgage After Retirement Isn’t A Problem – It’s A Plan By Jim Morrison | Banker & Tradesman Staff Baby Boomers are more likely to have a mortgage when they retire than the generation born between the mid-1920s and the mid-1940s, according to new research from Fannie Mae. While that trend worries some economists, other experts say post-retirement debt can be a smart move. “The increasing prevalence of housing debt among older homeowners could compromise Continue Reading

Reverse Mortgage — A Happy Pill?

Can a mortgage make you happy? As an elder law lawyer in Massachusetts I see the worst of the human condition on a daily basis – depression, debilitating illness, greed, elder abuse, death. Seldom is the lawyer brought in to celebrate good news with an elder law clients. The most common characteristic of our elder law clients is depression. Whether caused by isolation, grief or worry, depression is epidemic among the elderly. It is particularly noteworthy in elders that live alone in their own homes. It’s difficult to know which is the proverbial cart and which is the horse, but Continue Reading