Knowledgeable Attorneys

Working with Despina, who is so knowledgeable about real estate law, made the final solution possible. I am totally appreciative of her hard work. By Ann P. Details

Outstanding Law Firm

We found this firm through the Internet, and hired them after a formal visit. Despina worked hard to resolve our family estate issues and did a fabulous job settling the matter at hand keeping our traveling to Massachusetts down to a minimum. If your looking for honest knowledgeable legal assistance take the time to research and you’ll fine that Despina Kyriakidis will do an outstanding job. By Pat L. Details

Attorney Gosselin literally wrote a book on MA healthcare and planning

Mr. Gosselin was recommended to me by a family member who is also MD in Winchester, MA. He spent 3 hours, 1-on-1, with me carefully explaining the myriad of MA healthcare intricacies me and my family needed to understand before going forward before placing my husband, a CT resident, in a nursing home close to his son. Attorney Gosselin literally wrote a book on this subject, but it was because of his knowledge and patience while helping me comprehend the system, that our family could go forward confidently with our final decision. PS. Having his dog, Darwin, attend the meeting certainly added to my experience (as an Australian Shepherd dog owner myself). I therefore highly recommend him and his firm. By Diane Details

Great Experience at Gosselin Law!

I had a wonderful experience at Gosselin Law while trying to figure out a long term care plan for my aging mother. I met with two elder law attorneys who spent over 2 hours explaining my options to me. At the end of the free consultation a fee was quoted for all the work and it was my choice if we would continue. There was no pressure to use them for my needs but I chose to anyways. By Elder Law Client Details

Gosselin saved my mother’s house from the nursing home

I hired Mr. Gosselin about two years ago. I had power of attorney for my mother who needed to go to a nursing home. Attorney Gosselin set it up so that my mother’s house was protected from nursing home fees which ran about $12,000 a month!! I now have the house and my disability check all thanks to Mr. Gosselin. He’s really nice too, kind of funny for a lawyer, I think. 🙂 By Elder Crisis Client Details

Reliable Attorney

Attorney John Gosselin helped my mother preserve her earnings and helped her qualify for benefits since her health was going downhill. Great elder law lawyer. By Elder Law Client Details

John Gosselin took good care of my family when things were falling apart.

Both my parents are really sick and need help with Medicade and getting benefits. Attorney John Gosselin met us in like one day and was able to explain the whole thing to us and even made calls to get us my parents in a room together at the rehab place in Woburn. Not the cheapest lawyer but he did everything that he said he would. The other lawyers in his office worked really hard for us too. I highly recommend these people. By Jon, Elder Crisis Client Details

Great Elder Law lawyer. Helped my mother.

My mother fell and broke her hip. After a stint in a rehab facility she wasn’t well enough to go home and we made the decision to put her in a nursing home. Attorney Gosselin helped us through the process of applying for Medicaid and finding a home that would suit my mother well. By Elder Law Client Details

Great service in a time of need

Great service during a time of need. Our legal matters were taken care of quickly and efficiently. I was always able to reach my attorney to discuss matters and was encouraged to call with any questions. I would recommend this firm to friends. By Probate Client Details