Our client was in her early 60’s and suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving her paralyzed on one side and residing in a nursing home.  Client was employed and thriving at the time of her stroke.  When it became apparent that recovery was going to be long with the possibility that she would be debilitated for the remainder of her life, we arranged for her to be moved to an assisted living facility that would provide a high level of care.  This was crucial for her mental health because the population in the nursing home was a much older, creating a sense of helplessness in our client.  We applied for her to obtain her long term disability benefits and Social Security Disability, which she did obtain and was able to provide for the costs in the assisted living facility.  In an effort to improve her situation, we coordinated with her physicians to get her terminal illness benefits under her life insurance benefits, significantly increasing the amount of assets at her disposal.  We were then able to get our client into a facility that had a population in her age range, and which was able to be paid for by her long term disability benefits, SSDI, and her life insurance benefits.  Further the life insurance benefits were structured in a vehicle that will allow her to qualify for MassHealth when her long term disability and Social Security Disability benefits terminate when she is 65 years old.